Quit Defending Liberty!

It’s time to get off our heels and go on the attack.

The strategy of compromise isn’t working. With every session of Congress, a little freedom is sacrificed in the name of making better laws. But more laws mean less liberty.

We’ve been fighting the wrong battles.Taxes are the central problem. Let’s attack the root of bureaucratic tyranny. Without nourishment, the many tentacles of statism will wither. If we win on taxes, we win everywhere.

Complain Smart

When there’s trouble on your block, help can’t come fast enough. But it takes persistence to get a problem solved.

Northeast Citizen Patrol volunteers know how to work with the police and the City. We’ve helped with problem properties and problem people. The NECP is a
neighborhood watch that really works.

It isn’t magic. It starts with keeping your eyes open. And it takes a willingness to get involved.

Help prevent crime where you live. We’ll show you how. “Like” the NECP on Facebook to get started.

Create Authority

Northeast Citizen Patrol volunteers walk our neighborhoods to let criminals know they will not be tolerated here. Where we stand up, the bad guys stand down.

Our presence creates authority. We inform, we prevent, we witness, and we call the police. It’s the difference between action and reaction.

We’re working with the 2nd Precinct to stop crime before it happens. The cops can’t be everywhere, but the people can.

Prevent crime where you live. We’ll show you how. Apply to join a patrol group now at NECPReports.org.

ANA Mission Statement

The mission of the Audubon Neighborhood Association is to encourage interaction and involvement amongst the people in our community and its organizations; to foster the continuing improvement of property and businesses within its boundaries; to increase security and safety within the neighborhood; to convey to other organizations, including government and business, the concerns of the neighbors represented.

Prometheus Responds

Those men in those edifices were wiser than I thought. I wanted to be Prometheus. But common men are fools, and fire is too much power for them.

By luck, guile, or self-delusion, I survived. I now understand that knowledge is amoral. And as men we are called to be moral. To choose is to be human.